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Podcast: Conversation with Ali Jahn and Breast Cancer Hope

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Life is a journey as “they” say, and it rarely goes as we imagine.  Perhaps those jolt-like twists and turns can be an awakening to a new and better path.  Today’s guest, Ali Jahn, experienced some life changing events that led her to a path of optimism and action.  […]
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Podcast: Can You Exercise Yourself Skinny? Welcome! snd Thank you for listening! I am sure you have heard it takes so many minutes of exercising to burn off a donut? Some people say thy have a slow metabolism and cannot loose weight on any diet.  Some people say you need to eat to loose weight because you need to stoke […]
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Podcast: Cardiac stem cell production through diet and exercise

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  This episode discusses two ways to improve health.  One is through new interventions that may carry unknown risks and limited benefits.  The other is a slower approach to health through plant based nutrition and exercise.  We have the amazing capacity to heal if we provide our bodies an opportunity […]
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