Podcast: Cardiac stem cell production through diet and exercise

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  This episode discusses two ways to improve health.  One is through new interventions that may carry unknown risks and limited benefits.  The other is a slower approach to health through plant based nutrition and exercise.  We have the amazing capacity to heal if we provide our bodies an opportunity and take away offending agents.  Time heals all wounds as a wise person once said.  But many of us are in a rush.  We want things now, and unfortunately forget that bias not only affects us but others in decision making.  We fail to ask how and why and assume that it must be ok.

Most of you know that greens improve nitric oxide production.  Do greens make us bullet proof?  How does exercise improve our health?  Can we make a sick heart better?  Can our bodies heal if we take away the offending agents?  Do you want to be in control of your health or wait on a magic cure?  

I believe that we have a lot more control over our health than a lot of people would have you believe.  I also think that fear will not contribute positively to our health.  

Enjoy the episode.  Email me with questions at .  Visit the website at to find out how you can reverse heart disease and maybe even run a marathon. 

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    Pat Walker

    I think you are “right on”!!!!
    Good podcast!!

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