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Podcast: A Company with Compassion with an Emphasis on Health-Interview with the COO of Geostabilization International, Nathan Beard

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!.  I am showcasing GeoStabilization International in the podcast today.  I will be speaking with Nathan Beard, the COO of the company.  I am honored to have worked with the founder of the company, Bob Barrett on the addition of plant based nutrition to his Healthspan foundation.  This is a […]
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Podcast: Self Talk-I can Do This

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Life is like a marathon.  Just when you think it is too tough to go on, you hear a cheer from the crown, and you get a second wind.  Nothing changed, there were just some strangers cheering and ringing cow bells.  There was a study where they flashed smiley […]
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Blogpost: We, Must Make the Connection

The New York Senate Passes a Bill S1471 that would require hospitals to offer plant-based options for their patients IF signed. Should we really need legislatures telling hospitals and doctors that nutrition is a vital part of healthcare and needs to be taken as seriously as pills and procedures? I guess so. I am a […]
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