Podcast: Self Talk-I can Do This

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Life is like a marathon.  Just when you think it is too tough to go on, you hear a cheer from the crown, and you get a second wind.  Nothing changed, there were just some strangers cheering and ringing cow bells.  There was a study where they flashed smiley faces on a screen in front of cyclist on trainers,  and they went longer and faster even if the smiling faces were flashed quicker than the eye could identify the faces.  They call the crowd the 6th person on the basketball team.  Positive sounds and images work undisputedly.  Why don’t we cheer for ourselves.  I am going to be plant based!  I am plant based!  I eat healthy!  I feel strong!

That is what I am talking about.  It is not easier and it does not have to be easy.  In fact, I don’t want it to be easy.  I want it to be worthy of my effort.  I am going to be plant based.  I am going to be the healthiest I can be.  

Life is not easy, but the challenge is so worth the effort.  I talk about these efforts and the rewards of becoming plant based.  I wish you health and happiness this 4th of July!. Be plant strong and move your body.  

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