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Blog post: A sneak peak at our nutrition class

I would like to share a little about what is happening in our nutrition classes. This is the second week and we have three levels of classes currently in session. Today, in the Level 2 class we did some menu sharing as well as sharing positive and negatives that happened last week in our plant […]
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Raw BBQ Sunflower Salad/Sandwich

This sweet & savory sunflower seed mixture is great on top of a salad or as a plant-based and raw version of the classic pulled pork sandwich.   These tiny seeds are a great source of a variety of vitamins and minerals, plant-based protein,  fiber,  inflammation fighting antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. In ¼ cup […]
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Episode 129-Eating Healthy at Any Age

Where did your eight year old child or even your 18 year old child get their nutrition degree? Certainly not school where ketchup is considered a vegetable. The reality is they get their wants and desires from media aimed directly at them. Cool kids eat burgers, fries and cheese pizza. Vegetables are for old people. […]
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