Episode 129-Eating Healthy at Any Age

Where did your eight year old child or even your 18 year old child get their nutrition degree? Certainly not school where ketchup is considered a vegetable. The reality is they get their wants and desires from media aimed directly at them. Cool kids eat burgers, fries and cheese pizza. Vegetables are for old people. The reality is that kids eating a whole foods plant based diet have higher IQs and less illnesses including Juvenile diabetes and infections. Healthier kids are more active and don’t miss as much school. Puberty onset is later which is associated with decreased reproductive cancers. Family dinners are a great way to put the cell phones down and actually have a face to face conversation. Show how much you care by making a home cooked plant based nutrient dense meal, sit down together, and take a moment for gratitude. And if that doesn’t work try again tomorrow. A little hunger is associated with a lot of appreciation for a home cooked meal.
Worried about athletic performance and iron defeciency. No need if you are eating beans, greens, nuts and seeds. You will absorb just the right amount of iron if you are eating those foods along with vitamin c containing foods such as tomatoes, potatoes, and fruit. Plus with all of the antioxidants and phytochemicals you will recover more quickly and get less infections allowing you to train more consistently.

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