Thank you Mr. Driscol and family for being a part of our practice.

Just wanted to tell everyone what Dr. Dulaney ‘s eating plan has done for our dad and our family. My dad has heart problems and Dr. Dulaney stressed the importance to him and the rest of us that he desperately needed to change his eating habits. So the family decided to change theirs too. We were all overweight and ate poorly. My dad could not walk very far without getting out of breath. Now he walks two miles a day without stopping. He has lost 38 pounds since February. He feels fantastic. Each one of my family members has lost about the same amount of weight. We drink a green smoothie every morning to get us going. This is not a hard thing to do. There are so many ways to fix the food nowadays.
Thanks Dr. Dulaney. Your classes were helpful in getting us started.

The Driscols

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