Episode 44 with Micaela Karlsen of

This episode features Micaela Karlsen. She is a doctoral fellow in Nutritional Epidemiology at the Tufts Friedman School of Nutritional Science and Policy. She is also the founder of This site features online narrative reviews of peer-reviewed scientific research papers and resources on plant based nutrition. You can browse by category or look at the weekly posts of new articles. There is also a guide to interpreting research papers so that you can go directly to the source when claims are made online that may be more of a misinterpretation of a study by the general media. She also gives links to a research study that is ongoing at Tufts regarding the evaluation of various diets over longer periods of time. You can join up at and receive more information.
I would encourage you to check out her site as well as the T. Colin Campbell Foundation website for studies relating to plant based nutrition. The more you educate yourself, the more likely you are to maintain a plant based diet and less likely to second guess yourself when questioned by co workers or family members that may believe otherwise.
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