Yes Virginia, corn-beef is meat

I never cease to be amazed.   Doctors write about their success  stories.   Miraculous recoveries.    I am here to tell the truth.   People have been so nutritionally suppressed that they do not even recognize whether a food product is animal or vegetable.   Corn-beef.   The patient’s name has been changed, of course.   I do not think she is alone.   She is ill from many lifestyle diseases.   Diabetes, hypertension, obesity, peripheral vascular disease,  coronary artery disease and arthritis.  She has had many hospitalizations for heart failure or water on the lungs to the point she cannot breath.   She is not different from my grandmother that I rode to the hospital with as a child.  I desperately want to help her.   She is on all of the latest and greatest medications.  Yet her blood sugar is often 400 mg/dl when she comes to the hospital and her legs are tight water.

We talk plant based nutrition.   I give examples.   The only thing she remembers is that she SHOULD eat oatmeal  and fruit for breakfast.   Her husband does most of the cooking.   He tries.   He makes stew.   Yes, it had beef.  No salt.  Bullion cubes for seasoning which for the record is loaded with salt.   I hold my head in disbelief.   We try again.   Today her husband came with her to her appointment.   I suspect she said you cannot believe how mean this doctor is.  I looked at him.  No bullion cubes.   Potatoes are good.  No butter or sour cream.   Use beans and vegetables with them.   No beef, chicken, or pork.   Cook with water, no oil.  He looks at me.  No questions.   No expression.

I said St. Patrick’s Day is coming up.   Make the potatoes, the carrots and the cabbage but no corn-beef.   She looks up and said I have never missed having corn-beef on St. Patrick’s day.   What is wrong with corn-beef?  I look at her.  She said, “Oh, it is cured meat”.  I said yes and full of salt which will send you back to the hospital.  Please do not eat the corn-beef from a cow.

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