Blog Post-My Take Home Messages from the 3rd Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference

It all happens so fast.  Months of planning and worry and then the day goes by in a flash.  This is the 3rd year for our plant based conference.  It began as a way to educate the community on plant based nutrition and to provide a day that plant based people could share together.  Since the inception of the conference my practice has moved more towards healing and preventing lifesytle diseases through plant based nutrition.  We are now a full membership practice aimed at building a community of health conscience people by offering nutrition courses in the office three times a week as well as exercise and mobility instruction.  Hence the conference is now more of a celebration of all that plant based nutrition has to offer.  It was wonderful to see people socialize and interact in a positive vibrant setting.  This year we welcomed back Timaree Hagenburger, RD to speak and added Addie Dulaney Majnaric, RD representing our practice to speak.  Doug Lisle,PhD joined as well and I presented a new lecture on my recent growing interests.

I love learning and I would like to share what are a few of my take home messages from this year’s conference.

Addie Dulaney Majnaric, RD, spoke about plant based nutrition in all stages of life.  I could not agree more.  But often the conversation is difficult especially when it comes to an overweight child.  She gave me new insight on how to approach that subject by focusing on maximizing nutrition and movement instead of focusing on the outcome of weight.  By maximizing nutrient dense plant based nutrition the weight will take care of itself.  We are not doing our children any favors rewarding them with junk food or sugary treats.

During the research on my topic of Microbes and health, I learned that we must not reduce the attainment of health to one thing or one procedure, or one pill, or one cause.  In accordance with that thought we cannot label a microbe as good or bad.  Changing the environment of our body changes the role of microbes that may benefit or harm us.  We must focus on the interaction of the person, the environment, and their nutrition.  We are all connected and need to be mindful of what altering one part of our world does to the balance.  Our microbes affect our immunity, our mood, and our metabolism.  I believe that eating a plant based diet providing a wide variety of nutrients and fiber is the best way to live harmonious with our microbes and the  environment.

Dr Lisle presented his interpretation on the nature of humans with regard to their nutrition through The Pleasure Trap.  If we feed ourselves soft processed foods that give our bodeis a burst of dopamine it will quickly condition itself to need more and be less satisfied with whole foods.  Constantly feeding our bodies sets up a need to constantly feed our bodies.  By being more mindful of when we take in food and selecting whole unprocessed fruits and vegetables we can break the cycle of cravings and overeating.  Fasting programs under a physicians supervison can be a way to jump start disease reversal in many cases.

Timaree Hagenburger, RD spoke about brain health and how plant based nutriton can prevent or delay the onset of dementia.  Simple things like eliminating that daily multivitamin that contains minerals we already get in our diets can be protective.  Many times those minerals are not in a form our bodies can use anyway.  Eating a colorful plate that includes berries each day helps provide the anti oxidants we need to protect our brains.  Dementia is a combination of vascular and inflammatory reactions that are largely affected by what we eat.  Exercise decreases the risk of dementia as well so get out everyday and keep your body moving.

We hope that even more people can join us next year for a celebration of plant based nutriton.  If you are interested in reversing or preventing lifesytle disease, give the office a call or email us at

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