Podcast Episode 155: 3rd Annual Plant Based Nutrition Conference Recap with Addie Dulaney Majnaric

Welcome and thank you for listening. This episode is a recap of our 3rd Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference. A big thank you to all those attending including our speakers: Addie Dulaney Majnaric, RD, Timaree Hagenburger,RD, and Doug Lisle, PhD. Thanks also to a guest appearance by Nathan Majnaric, Strength Coach for Georgia State University. I could not be more pleased with the way the conference turned out. The whole food plant based breakfast and lunch were as beautiful as nutritious. The topics for discussion flowed seemlessly beginning with Addie’s discussion on plant based nutrition for all stages of life. I added a discussion on how a harmonious and symbionic coexistence with our microbes at all stages of life is important. Doug Lisle, Phd, discussed his thoughts on our basic human nature trips us up when we expose ourselves to hightly processed foods. Timaree added a discussion on the plant based nutrition’s role in brain health. Our dynamic registered dietietians did a spectacular job with a cooking demonstration giving pointers for everyday meal preparation for the whole family. We ended the day with a question and answer session gave everyone the opportunity to improve their understanding of the topics discussed. We did record and video the sessions and will offer trailers on the website. It was a fabulous day. I hope to see all of you and more next year.
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