Podcast Episode 156- Happy Spring to All Beings

Welcome and thank you for listening. Spring is in the air. What a great time to dial up your health and fitness. It is also a time that processed foods spring up and grab you. One of the processed foods that complicates glucose processing is CRACKERS! They are marketed as containing quinoa, beets, spelt and a host of other “potentially” healthy things but the one ingredient that they all have somewhere is oil. It may be flaxseed or nuts but it is still oil surrounded by a processed grain that allows the fat to easily escape into the bloodstream blocking the uptake of glucose. Beware.
I also spoke about snacking. Or in reality a nearly constant drip of food into ones body throughout the waking hours. How sly are the food companies to rename candy bars into energy bars and protein bars. We have learned to fear the hunger pain as it if was a disaster warning. We keep plying in the food like filling a storage unit full of useless junk. The cost is high both to our wallets and our health.
The opposite is fasting. Letting the body heal between feedings. The ketogenic folks have ruined this concept by adding in calories from animal fat and protein. So the benefits of ketone bodies are negated by the addition of the metabolites from animal products causing the body to have to deal with free radicals and inflammation while already in a stressed state. It is like burning tires with all of the toxins emitted.
The answer: eat colorful fruits and vegetables. Eat those 5 cups of greens daily. Get plenty of fiber. And do not eat between meals.
Happy Easter and Passover. Happy Spring. Peace to all including our newborn animal friends. Email me at and please visit the website at Thank you for listening.

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    Donna Berry

    Thank you so much for the discussion about diabetics and nuts (fat and sugar/glucose uptake). I am finally beginning to understand this concept.

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