Episode 100! with Maria Rybka


Happy Holidays to you! Stay healthy and eat the rainbow but not from a box. Take your favorite holiday meals/foods and make them plant strong. Eliminate the processed oil. Substitute maple syrup or fruit for as sweetners and bring covered dishes to parties. Be the Star! Today’s guest is Maria Rybka from She is on facebook at Rybkafamilygardens and you can email her at We talk Tower Gardens and how they can add fun to your life and health to your plate. Nothing beats growing your own food to know what is in it. The Tower Garden can be indoors or outdoors and you can grow anything the grows above the ground. So no root vegetables like carrots or potatoes but all of the greens and vine plants you can imaging.
Two wonderful people stopped by my office this week and donnated money for 2 tickets to the Second Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference to be held in Punta Gorda, Florida January 21,2017. Email me at and tell me your story and why you should receive the tickets. You will be place in a drawing three weeks before the conference. Check out my website for additional information. Purchase your tickets at
Stay plant strong because there is no better present than your health for the Holidays and forever.

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