Happy Holidays!

Can a plant based diet ruin the holidays? Of course not. It could be life saving. Holiday heart is a real condition caused by overeating the Standard American Diet and consuming too much alcohol. It can manifest as heart failure or arrhythmias. Eating a whole foods plant based diet is very protective in this regard. Just take the old recipes and eliminate the oil, the meat and dairy. Protect yourself against others indulgence by bringing a covered dish or sweet treat that have safe ingredience such as dates and fruit instead of sugar and butter. Life is better when you can breath and have energy. Make sure that you have consumed a nutrient dense diet before you go out so that if the choices are limited you already have your antioxidants and phytochemicals consumed.
I invite you to join me January 21, 2017 for our Second Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition conference. Tickets can be purchased in There will also be a drawing for 2 free tickets. Email me with your plant based story at and I will put your name in for the drawing.
Peace and health to all creatures big and small.

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