Episode 104 with Dr. Richard Aiken-Neurodietetics

We know that eating a whole food plant based diet can reverse cardiovascular disease and diabetes but what about diseases of the brain or mind? I have the pleasure to chat with Dr. Richard Aiken today about such topics. Refer to Episode 47 for our last discussion of his book, The New Ancestral Diet. He has just released another book, Neurodietetics. We discuss how plants protect themselves with compounds such as flavenoids and polyphenols that these same compounds help to boost our immunity and reduce inflamation. This can promote brain health by a variety of mechanisms including stimulation of neurotransmitters and improved brain blood flow and the decrease in inflamation. Dr. Aiken is practicing psychiatrist but he also has significant experience as a chemical engineer. In his bood he even explains how to maximize nutrient extraction when cooking and blending. We talk a littel cognative therapy to help transition to a plant based diet as well. I hope you check out his book and website and You can follow him on Twitter @rcaiken.
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