Episode 106 with Justin Lacy: Take back your health with plant based nutrition

The side effects of plant based nutrition are not only the elimination of medications but weight loss that is sustainable. This is a way of life that is enjoyable that increases energy and positivity. There are no gimmicks, and everything you need can be found in any grocery store. Today’s guest struggled with being overweight his entire life. He has lost 100s of pounds only to gain them back plus more, finally topping out over 500 pounds. A stranger’s post on plant based nutrition intrigued him to ask more questions. Her kindness to help him to begin his education resulted in a remarkable transformation. In today’s world more stories like this should be empahsized. Justin Lacy is now a lighthouse for others struggling to get their health back. His focus in on nutriton and health and yes the side effect was over 250 pounds of weight loss. He is now a runner training for his first half marathon. It is my pleasure to share with you our chat.
I believe someday we will understand how the gut microbe participates in some individuals to pack on weight at a much greater rate than others. It is not a lack of willpower as Justin proved with repeated weight loss and prolonged days of fasting. Once he was able to get clean fruits and vegetables in his diet things changes. Perhaps a gradual change in his gut flora was able to help. Whatever the combinations of mechanisms, timing and support, Justin is achieving optimum health and wellbeing. Congratulations. I look forward to following his success.
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