Episode 112-Finding your Why with Timaree Hagenburger

Welcome and thanks for listening. If you previously downloaded an unedited addition I am sorry and honestly do not know how the out takes got added back in. This episode is the second in a series with Timaree Hagenburger on staying the plant based nutrition course. Like producing this podcast alone it can be very frustrating and difficult at times. With all the obstacles one can often ask why? Sakichi Toyoda who was the founder of Toyota actually asked why 5 times. Finding the real why makes us perservere in times that are not easy. We also talked about the power of the pause. If you can just pause and create a little space before acting you can often remember your why and choose more wisely. Does having that cheese pizza fit your why? Or could you still enjoy an evening with friends and a vege pizza without cheese? We also discussed preparing ahead of time for the if-then situations. If you are presented with this, then what would the best version of yourself choose. If you always end up eating something bad when you select this restaurant, then perhaps you can choose ahead of time what you should select and be ready for the temptation. We referenced a few books as well. How to Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb and Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield. Please check out our websites. and Email me with questions at and follow us on Instagram @jaimeladulaney and TheNutiProf. Again I am sorry for the out takes.

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