Episode of 113-My Week as a Plant Based Cardiologist

Welcome. Thanks for listening. They call being a physician “The Practice of Medicine”. I have been practicing a long time and I am still learning. Since adding plant based nutrition education to my practice I have been learning even more. It is not just about the food and how to make it. It is about the surrounding why we eat the way we do and the what that prevents us from changing. Plant based nutrition affects our health in many positive ways just as poor nutrition or the Standard American Diet can affect our health in many different negative ways. Green plants can help us produce nitric oxide that dilated and heals diseased blood vessels. Other vegetables can decrease inflammation and boost our healthy immune function. The fiber in plants feed our good gut microbes that intern help to control cravings and improve mood through improved neurotransmitter function. Exciting stuff but you have to get started somewhere and that can be difficult. Especially if you feel all alone or that your health is too far gone. Strap on your running shoes and come along. It might not be easy at first but it gets easier and even exciting as you go. Face your fears and use your mind as your biggest asset instead of your greatest obstacle.
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