Episode 79 -Some of my story

I am an endurance athlete. Not an Olympian or a “contender”. A middle of the pack marathon runner and triathlete. That does not mean I do not have the desire to improve or become faster. Nor does it mean I use age as an excuse. To the contrary I need to push to stay ahead of that downhill curve people say is coming. Not yet. I think it is like everything else we set goal that we do not alway achieve but that does not make them unworthy of the effort. The same goes for nutrtiion. Try to make each day a little better.
I am still trying to make my medical practice better. Does practice make perfect? Probably not. But I am still enjoying the ride thanks to the benefits of teaching patients about a whole foods plant based diet. This weekend I have the opportunity to speak at a family medicine conference. I hope to share my success with them and help them to start adding nutrition to their therapy and maybe even the first line of therapy. Email me at or Thanks for listening.

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