South Carolina Academy of Family Physicians Summer Break Away and Annual Assembly

I had the opportunity to be a keynote speaker at the Summer Break Away of the SCAFP in Hilton Head, South Carolina. My lecture was titled; Nutritional Education in Treatment of Lifestyle Diseases. I presented scientific evidence on reversing coronary artery disease as well as renal function stabilization, and prostate cancer reversal. I discussed patients in my practice that have dramatically improved their symptoms of coronary artery disease allowing them to walk significantly longer without chest pain and improve coronary blood flow as demonstrated by stress testing and nuclear imaging. I also presented the reversal of heart failure and liver failure by a very strict plant based diet. These patients lost over 40 pounds and resolved their leg edema and shortness of breath to the point they were off oxygen and required no assistance to ambulate.
There were a few physicians in the group that were plant based and who were transitioning their practice to a life style modification practice with emphasis on a whole foods plant based diet. We discussed the patient satisfaction of eliminating medications and feeling better and the positive changes in a physician practice associated with patient empowerment and improvements. I hope to have future opportunities to educate my colleagues on the significant role nutrition plays in regaining the health of patients with lifestyle diseases.
Thank you South Caroline Academy of Family Physicians for your hospitality.

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