Episode 80- My Keynote address to the South Caroline Academy of Family Practice

I had the opportunity to speak at the South Carolina Academy of Family Practice in Hilton Head, South Carolina last weekend. There were some plant based doctors that were happy to be supported. The others were very receptive to the concept of food as medicine. At least they were receptive to food could be the reason for disease. I believe we as physicians need to reclaim our role in the community as teachers of health and wellness as opposed to pusher of the latest pharmaceutical discovery. By educatng we can empower people to take control of their health which makes us all feel good. No brainer.
If you have not tried the Happy Cow app do so. We have found some amazing plant based food and have met some really interesting people. Plant based restarants tend to be happy places. Do not settle because you are traveling.
I am very happy to share some of my success stories and I have told those patients and they are quite happy to be mentioned.
If you have a story or question email me at Check the website out at Thanks for listening.

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