Episode 81 with Jim Gray

Run 100 kilometers on a plant based diet ? Yes that is what Jim Gray does. And he runs without migraines that he used to get eating the Standard American Diet. No fancy food just plants. Watermelon, dates and bananas to run long. No protein shakes or pizzas with cheese. No hypertension anymore either after taking BP pills for decades. Teenage kids are no problem in Jim’s house when it comes to plant based nutrition. What more can a parent do to assure healthy children. Amazing. Enjoy my interview with Jim Gray, an everyday inspiration.
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    I think a forum would be great! I’ll work on the salt and fat, but things can backfire when food goes uneaten ;-). Also, we ran the 2001 Chicago marathon too! A lady told me I was almost there about a mile and a quarter out and I wanted to go back and yell at her lol. After that I realized you can never trust spectators when it comes to distance.

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    Thanks for the email. Keep up the good work

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