Episode 86-Cow’s Milk is for Baby Cows

We have all had our heart strings tugged by photos of a baby animal being fed by a bottle. Yet we remain comfortably unaware that calves are being deprived of the life giving nourishment they were meant to have by nature because humans like cheese and other dairy from cow’s milk. Not only is it cruel to the calf but it is harmful to humans. It is associated wtih allegies, autoimmune disease, cancers, and cardiovascular disease. We make it even worse by adding large amounts of sugar to make ice cream and large amounts of salt to make cheese. I know it is the way most of us were raised but we also were raised with a black and white tv that didnt have a remote and managed to give that up. I take a little time during this podcast to just ask for awareness before we eat and drink. Also finding common ground. Oatmeal is plantbased and almost everyone has eaten it. Perhaps take a little time this week to jot down plant based foods that you like and eat already that could be used to make a two week menu.
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