Episode 87-She did the doctor bash


Doctor bashing or doctor responsibility. It is certainly complicated but I do believe physicians want the best for their patients and it is a job that not many would trade for if you ask during the 3 am phone call. That said we knew what we were getting into and fought to get it. So we must take control of the downward decline of our patient’s health. We are the educators and no educator can be effective in a 10 minute visit. Proper assessment cannot be made without communication and understanding. We as physicians need to take leadership in evaluating and educating the necessity of a whole foods plant based diet. We also need to understand the reasons people are not successful in change and guide them on becoming more aware. Patients get the choice but they should be aware of all of the choices as well as the risks. Eat 4 cups of greens a day. Eat a colorful plate of vegetables and fruit. Forget the meat, cheese and oil. Move your body and gets some sun but not a sunburn. Stay strong and flexible. If your doctor cant help you figure out how to accomplish that, get another doctor. You don’t need tests, you need a plan. Email me at and visit the website at

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