Happy Plant Based New Year!

happy-new-year-photos-for-loveHappy New Year! Almost. I hope your have been enjoying delicious goals. Not giant ones like loose 100 pounds or run 100 miles as the number one but something more attainable in the short run like adding more fruits to your daily intake or eliminating cheese for the first 30 days of January. Keep a journal of your daily intakes of the good things and record your mistakes as well so that you can adjust each day and week. Before you know it you will be feeling great and off medications. If you want off your BP, diabetic or cholesterol medications you can do it by being plant strong and eliminating processed foods and oils. Stand your ground your health is at stake. Everyday you delay your body is deteriorating. If you are not healing your are decaying. Stalk up your pantry with beans, rice and potatoes. Make sure leafy greens, cabbage or spinach is on your weekly grocery list. Don’t forget the mushrooms, onions and peppers. Make sure you have four servings of fruit each day available. Frozen is ok as well If you have a large bag of berries and a bunch of bananas you will be well on your way to being stalked for the week.

Join me January 21, 2017 for the Second Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference. It will be a day of education and fine plant based dining and cooking demonstrations. See my website, for detail and purchase your ticket on Email me with questions at

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