Podcast-Episode 154-Comfort Zone

Welcome and thank you for listening. March 24th is the 3rd Annual Charlotte County Plant Based Nutrition Conference. This is a unique opportunity to interact with speakers and like minded individuals in an intimate setting with great plant based food and cooking demonstrations and much more. Go to to see the link to and get your tickets now.
Today I want to challenge you to get out of your comfort zone. Quit coasting and go for greatness. Set goals each day and learn from failures or metrics that you set. Monitoring your glucose 3 hours after eating can be a way to look back at what you ate and devise a plan for better choices the next day. Your glucose should be back to 100 after those three hours. Your daily weight can also be a metric to let you know if you were exposed to more salt than you can tolerate along with more calories than you should have had. Devise a stratagy for the next time. Be specific and don’t say I will try to do better. Make it tangible. This will be my choice. Being a little uncomfortable will result in much more growth and confidence than doing what you know is safe.
Our bodies deteriorate without attention to detail. We have great ways to ignore what is happening. We loose muscle and bone mass each year unless we are activly working to build more. Those sayings, “can’t pinch an inch” and “move it or loose it” are right on the money.
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