Podcast: Happy Thanksgiving from My Heart to Yours

Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for listening. Thanksgiving is the beginning of the holiday season that despite all of the happy times with friends and family can also be very stressful. It can also be the undoing of a lot of health gains made in the preceding months. I would like to offer some tips to enjoy great meals without the artery clogging side effects of traditional holiday meals. Take for instance the green bean casserole made famous by the Campbell’s soup people. Instead of the soup, substitute a mushroom sauce or gravy over fresh mushrooms. Make your own stuffing with sprouted bread, celery, leeks and vegetable broth. Doing these things can save many grams of sodium. This can drive up blood pressure. Add the excessive oil and vascular constriction can lead There is a 33% increase in heart attacks from Thanksgiving until the end of the year. This does not need to happen.
The new guidelines for hypertension make a BP greater than 130/80mmHG the definition of hypertension. This increases the number of people with the diagnosis much greater with a substantial proportion of the newly diagnosed under age 45. The recommendation is to treat these newly diagnosed with lifestyle modifications. However, just recommending that people eat healthier and exercise is unlikely going to result in a substantial change in behavior.
I hope you find your why for choosing plant based nutrition. I hope that I can be some assistance in helping you to make the transition and continue on your journey to achieve your optimal health and fitness. Check out my website at or email me at

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