November Member Spotlight: Cindy!

     We are extremely excited to announce November’s Member of the Month, Cindy! We hope you find her journey as inspiring as we do!

Cindy had tried plant based eating on and off again several times in her life, following the recommendations of Dr. John McDougall, specifically whenever she felt she needed to lose weight and get healthier. Cindy admits that she did not truly see the value of her health, or how diet can severely impact it, until June 2, 2017 when she suffered from a heart attack and cardiac arrest while she and her husband were on vacation. While in the hospital, Cindy came to the conclusion that diet could no longer be her fix when she felt like it, but rather a LIFESTYLE that she would adopt whole heartedly for herself, her husband, and for her daughters. She became plant based 100%, and has truly been giving it her all over the past 5 months. Cindy, once a swimmer in high school, decided that she would begin swimming in addition to her cardiac rehab. Now, Cindy swims 1.5 hours at a time 6 days a week, while going to cardiac rehab for an hour 3 days a week. When it comes to determination, Cindy is someone to truly be inspired by.

       We asked Cindy what were some of her regular nutrition practices for everyday life, and she told us that beans, raw spinach, beets, and potatoes have become a part of her daily cuisine. She cooks at home, never uses oils, and fills her day with as much fruits and vegetables as possible. She stays away from bread and pasta, and choses to add nutrient dense foods to her body instead. She finds support from her daughter and husband, who are both now plant based, from joining several plant based Facebook groups, and looks forward to finding new recipes to try! In the past 5 months, Cindy has lost 30 pounds, (WOW!!) and plans on losing an additional 30 while she remains physically active and follows a whole food, no oil, plant based diet.


“There is no way to describe how incredible I feel being a plant based eater. I hope to encourage others that you can become healthier too!  I personally believe we as Americans have become addicted to processed food due to the fat & sugar combination, and the availability of cheap & convenient fast foods. All these are literally deadly. But I’m here to tell you there is nothing tastier or more satisfying than eating Whole Foods plant based. Nothing tastes better to me than fresh fruits & veggies. We are SO fortunate to have a plant based doctor in Dr. Dulaney. I drive 2 hours each way to see her, & I also try to make it to as many of the nutrition classes I can.” – Cindy
Thank you Cindy, for being an inspiration to us all! We are rooting for you!!  

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