Podcast Episode 140: with Ken Botts of the US Humane Society

Welcome and thank you for listening. Today I feature Ken Botts. He is the food service and sustainable food system strategist of the US Humane Society. His tag line is appropriately making the world a better place one plate at a time. He realized eating predominately plant based helped him perform better in his sport of Judo at an early age. He entered a career in food service at the University of North Texas and with his dedication to service listened to the students and developed one of the countries first vegan dinning halls. It grew within the University becoming one of the most popular dining halls on campus to being the model for many other Universities including Harvard. Ken joined the Humane Society of the United States to partner with Universities as well as other large institutions to provide a vegan dinning experience. Helping people and helping animals is what Ken is all about. Enjoy listening to the delightful gentleman spread his positive insights into the future of dinning. You can follow Ken on Twitter @KenBotts. Check out the Food Forward Events the Humane Society is sponsoring as well as other educational opportunities.
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    Peggy Keen

    You impressed me during Chat & Chew broadcast. I am presently cutting way back on meat-not there yet for a complete vegetarian style of eating. You and your daughter seem so healthy and wise. Thanks for your Thanksgiving article on growing up on a farm. It’s good to know your background.

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      Dr. Dulaney

      Thank you for the kind words. I have fond memories and I am sure that if my grandparents knew of the health benefits of a plant based diet they would have altered their diet as well.

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