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The Survey Says………Get Back in the Kitchen

I recently posted a question on my general Facebook page that asked why people did not like to cook.  I was looking to see if anything in particular was hindering people from the joys of cooking plant based meals.  The most popular responses were: They do not enjoy cooking for one, or separate meals, for […]
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Blogpost: My fruit started out in a pie

Most of us did not start our lives eating just vegetables and fruits. We ate the “American Diet” which was a meat, a starch and a vegetable. In my grandmother’s house there was usually desert and most of the time there was a choice of pie. Fruit pie or filled pie. Why pie? Because it […]
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Blogpost: What do I do to fight the common cold or virus?

The one medicine that has been shown to prevent death from a bacterial infection is an antibiotic. It has markedly improved the lifespan of humans from the treatment of wounds to dysentery  to pneumonia. It has also changed the course of heart disease with regard to rheumatic fever that results from a particular streptococcus infection. So […]
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Your Dietitian’s Earth Day Tips!

Earth, what a beautiful place we are blessed to live. Not only to live however, but to take care of in all of its wondrous glory. This Earth Day I would like to share with you some tips & tricks to combat one of the ways us humans can improve how we are taking care […]
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Homemade Sauerkraut

After reading Dr. Dulaney’s blog post on Gut Microbiome, you may be wondering how you can create a healthy gut for yourself. Eating fermented foods to help with your own personal collection of healthy gut bacteria is a great way to get started! Try this simple, at home sauerkraut recipe. Cabbage, finely chopped (pictured here […]
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