Blogpost: What do I do to fight the common cold or virus?

The one medicine that has been shown to prevent death from a bacterial infection is an antibiotic. It has markedly improved the lifespan of humans from the treatment of wounds to dysentery  to pneumonia. It has also changed the course of heart disease with regard to rheumatic fever that results from a particular streptococcus infection. So why not give everyone with a cough or sore throat antibiotics to make it go away and prevent terrible diseases? As physicians we like to make people feel better quickly so a quick prescription for antibiotics leads to overuse and disruption of the normal gut flora.
Our bodies can often heal themselves if given time and good nutrition. Getting extra antioxidants and anti inflamatory food is important. So here are a few of my go to extras when getting a cold
1. Gargle with warm salt water and sniff salt water to clear the throat and sinuses twice daily.
2. Blend an inch of ginger root, and tumeric root along with 1/2 lemon with the peel or a lime. Add berries or watermelon or a banana for some sweetness along with water and drink
3. Miso soup with roasted garlic, onion and mushrooms. Blend the garlic bulb and onion with a immersion blender.
4. Drink green tea and add a few slices of fresh ginger.
5. Get some sunshine to replenish those good microbes.

If you have high fevers or chills that persist, consult your doctor. Sometimes you actually need a “real” doctor as my daughter would say.

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