Podcast 187 with Addie Dulaney Majnaric-Navigating Eating Season. We Can Help

Welcome and Thank you for listening. Addie Dulaney Majnaric RDN joins me today as we discuss navigating your nutrition through the holiday season. Yes, the eating season is upon us. Halloween kicked things off with sugary temptations. Thanksgiving brings advertisements for high calorie, fat laden foods along with more deserts. Holiday parties are beginning.
We all want to fit in but maintain our health at the same time. Justifying our plant based choices can be tiring. The temptations of nostalgic foods can be overwhelming if you are new to a whole foods way of eating. How can you stay true to your health commitments and still be part of the celebration?
We offer tips on not only to survive the holidays but thrive and enjoy them while staying healthy. We are going to share our family Thanksgiving menus and recipes in our upcoming newsletter. So go to and sign up for the newsletter. While your there check out the weekly blogposts with tips and suggestions to achieve health and wellness. Email us at and with questions. You can also check out Addies website at

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