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Blogpost: Soy Misconceptions

I recently spent the day at a local health fair promoting the benefits of plant based nutrition.  Soy was brought up more than once as a reason for not being plant based.  Apparently, there must be a rule somewhere that makes soy a mandatory ingredient in a vegan diet.  I have not been able to […]
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Podcast Episode 165- Preventing colon cancer

Welcome and thank you for listening. Maybe I should have titled todays episode, How to get colon cancer? The American Cancer Society has been watching people over the past 10 years develop colon cancer at increasing rates in their 40s. The incidence is up 50% over the last 10 years. They now suggest we begin […]
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Homemade Sauerkraut

After reading Dr. Dulaney’s blog post on Gut Microbiome, you may be wondering how you can create a healthy gut for yourself. Eating fermented foods to help with your own personal collection of healthy gut bacteria is a great way to get started! Try this simple, at home sauerkraut recipe. Cabbage, finely chopped (pictured here […]
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Gut Microbiome

     Are you taking good care of your microbiota or are they taking care of you?  Joseph Lister started using antiseptic techniques in the 1800s and developed “Listerine” in 1879 hoping to rid the mouth of bacteria.  For many years bacteria have been viewed as the enemy and countless products have been developed to […]
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Episode 130 with Dr. Bulsiewicz-HappyGutMD

  Welcome and thank you for listening. When your gut is happy you will be happy. Mainly because you gut contains 100 trillion microbes that can either help to make you very healthy or perhaps very sick. Today I welcome Dr. Bulsiewicz or as he prefers, Dr B. Dr. B is a gastroenterologist and gut […]
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