Podcast Episode 165- Preventing colon cancer

Welcome and thank you for listening. Maybe I should have titled todays episode, How to get colon cancer? The American Cancer Society has been watching people over the past 10 years develop colon cancer at increasing rates in their 40s. The incidence is up 50% over the last 10 years. They now suggest we begin screening people at age 45 to detect this deadly form of cancer. But wait. Over the past 10 years we have not cured colon caner in those over 50. So how is screening going to cure cancer? Interestingly, the bacon pushing groups have been silent this week. Lay low until this colon cancer thing blows over and we can then start advertising bacon on everything from deadly beef burgers to chocolate protein bars. The world health organization labels process meat as a level one carcinogen. It you cook that animal protein on a hot grill long enough to kill the bacteria you then generate hydrocarbons and polycyclic amines that alter your DNA even by inhaling them as you walk by the grill increasing your risk of cancer. What to do? Get a colonoscopy and go to a barbeque? How about changing what is causing the problem, our nutrition.
Why do we loose our sense of adventure or desire to try new things as we get older. We would have never learned to walk had we not fallen a million times yet we did just that. Somewhere we became afraid to fail. It became a negative word. The word try is now used to connote the smallest of effort that will not be perceived as failing but applauded as trying. I tried but not too hard because then I may have failed. I ate vegetables for a day and got bored. I tried eating plant based but I felt weak.
Start decreasing your risk of cancer and heart disease now. Say no to animal meat, fish, and dairy. Increase your fiber by 10 grams today by eating a cup of berries, a bowl of beans and a big green salad. Add turmeric to your vegetables. Have some whole grains to bind bile acids in your intestine. Go outside and take in some good microbes as you exercise. And smile because you are becoming healthier today than yesterday.
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