Podcast Episode 142: with Addie Majnaric, RD-To Gluten or Not to Gluten

Welcome and thanks for listening. Gluten is the new villain on the nutrition scene or so it seems. Many people don’t even know what it is but they are sure they need to avoid it. Actually, it is a mixture of complex proteins;glutenins and gliadins that are not completely digestable in some individuals. Celiac disease is diagnosed in people with the genotype HLA-DQ2 or HLA-DQ8 along with flattening of intestinal villi leading to malabsorption and many other inflamatory mediated symptoms such as headaches, joint pain, abdominal pain and bloating amd many more. Even though 40% of the population can have the genotype only about 2% of those develop the disease. Gluten sensitivity has no known associated biomarkers or intestinal changes but can result in many of the same symptoms. Gluten is found in wheat, barly and rye and people with celiac need to avoid these grains as well as processed foods that may have been processed in a gluten containing facility. Another similar diagnosis is a wheat allergy or sensitivity which is usually a more allergic type reaction of hives, rash, or even throat swelling. Addie and I discuss how one can go about making the diagnosis and how to avoid gluten if necessary. Remember, however, gluten is not harmful in people without gluten sensitivity or Celiac and has been associated with improved gut mibrobiota as well as decreased vascular disease.
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