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Podcast: Weight Loss Made Simple

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  January is the month for weight loss.  Get it off and move on.  Or, return to eating like you want to.  That is not the recipe for health, but a quick fix at best.   How do you loose weight without suffering?  How do you reverse lifestyle diseases and also […]
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Podcast: Reversing Diabetes to Improve Your Immune Function

Welcome! and Thank you for listening. Covid-19 continues to dominate healthcare concerns.  We are all becoming experts at social distancing and hand washing. This is a time to improve our baseline health so that we can survive these seemingly more virulent infections. Our body’s immune system is our best line of defense, but when we […]
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Podcast: This is the Time to Take Back Your Health

Welcome and Thank you for listening.  COVID-19 is still on my mind.  It is the first time we have had to confront a significant mortality risk from an infectious disease.  Our ability to fight infection rests with our current state of health.  Diabetes and hypertension as well as other lifestyle diseases are significant risk factors […]
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Where do you get your motivation from?

Tuesday Tips from your plant strong Dietitian, Addie D Majnaric! You have to be motivated to accomplish a goal, especially the goal of a healthy and sustainable lifestyle change. You have to have something that sparks your fire on days when you are feeling less than your best or discouraged about your progress. While it […]
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Blogpost: We, Must Make the Connection

The New York Senate Passes a Bill S1471 that would require hospitals to offer plant-based options for their patients IF signed. Should we really need legislatures telling hospitals and doctors that nutrition is a vital part of healthcare and needs to be taken as seriously as pills and procedures? I guess so. I am a […]
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