Podcast: This is the Time to Take Back Your Health

Welcome and Thank you for listening.  COVID-19 is still on my mind.  It is the first time we have had to confront a significant mortality risk from an infectious disease.  Our ability to fight infection rests with our current state of health.  Diabetes and hypertension as well as other lifestyle diseases are significant risk factors for having a weakened immune system and a potentially more difficult time fighting off COVID-19.  

Today is the day to prepare for the social distancing and potential quarantining by gathering needed supplies.  It is also a time to take control of your lifestyle diseases.  Eating plant strong, avoiding processed foods, animal products, and oils is key to boosting your immune system as well as reversing lifestyle diseases.  Let’s make the world a healthier place.  Start today at home by fixing healthy plant strong meals and getting some exercise.  Each day is an opportunity to get healthier.  

Our livestream audio conference is still on for March 28, 2020.  We will stream live lectures and have a Q and A session.  The conference will be recorded for viewing at your convenience for a month.  Lecture slides will be distributed so that you can follow along.  Recipes for the meals we were going to serve  will also be emailed.  Go on over to and reserve your ticket now or go to and get your ticket to the 2020 Plant Based Audio Conference.  Email me at with questions. 

As always thank you for listening.  Be Plant Strong and Be Healthy.

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    Such an important time in our lives… and such great suggestions!!! Loved the visual that we are a society surviving with duck tape. This really is the perfect time to reflect on our health, what we eat and how we move (especially now that all our gyms are closed). I think the idea of setting some goals right now is a motivating factor toward getting healthy. Odds that a disease (virus) might be the motivator to change the way we live and think. Thank you for this podcast as such a crucial time! Stay safe ALL!

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