Podcast: Weight Loss Made Simple

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January is the month for weight loss.  Get it off and move on.  Or, return to eating like you want to.  That is not the recipe for health, but a quick fix at best.  

How do you loose weight without suffering?  How do you reverse lifestyle diseases and also loose weight?  Why not just have a procedure or take a pill.  Why is it so hard to stick to a program? What is your why anyway????

Let’s make health positive and fun!  I hope you enjoy the episode.  If you have questions, email me at  Please visit the website at  We would love to have you as a member of our plant based wellness practice.  

Thank you for listening.  

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    Charles Culp

    Thanks for the great advice Dr. Dulaney! Easy to understand and simple to follow. I am glad that you have put Covid 19 in the rear view window!

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    Great, commons sense, easy to understand steps to losing weight. I am going to send this to a relative 🙂 Hoping these words might “click”

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