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Podcast Episode 181-Why Marathon Running is Good for You

Welcome and thank you for listening. I am about to compete in Ironman Chattanooga which is a 144.6 mile triathlon:2.4 miles swim, 116 mile bike and 26.2. The average finish time is somewhere around 12:30 hours. The average marathon or 26.2 mile run time is 4-4:30 hours. Over half of all marathoners are over 40 […]
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Blogpost: We Physicians need to Teach more and Tell Less

What is the role of a physician? We undergo the most extensive training in the sciences of the human body and are in training a minimum of seven years after college, with some fellowships extending that by another four years. We are taught to diagnose, educate, and treat the sick. However, if we know the […]
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Blogpost: A Letter to Visitors in Your Home

Dear friends and relatives coming to visit, We are anxiously awaiting your arrival and hope spend the days showing you are favorite places and catching up on what is new.  It seems as though the world is becoming a more unhealthy place.  Our oceans are suffering from algae blooms and plastics.  Our fish and wildlife […]
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Blogpost: Is Bariatric Surgery as good for Patients as Hospitals?

The first hospitals were Almshouses. They were run predominately by Catholic nuns. No one was turned away, and caring for the sick and the needy was the only focus. Hundreds of years later, and mainly in the last forty years, insurance companies came on the scene and a game began that turned hospitals into corporate, […]
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Podcast 175- There is Always Hope to be a Healthier You

Welcome, and thank you for listening. My Grandmother used to say, “If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride”. Can you hear the Irish self determination in that? My Italian Grandmother would say, “If everyone hung their dirty laundry out, you would want to bring your own back in”. These were two of the most […]
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Podcast: Episode 173-What is the Real Cost of Eating Out

Welcome and thank you for listening. Americans eat out an average of 18.2 meals each month with city dwellers in Houston, Texas leading the pack. The reported average cost per person ranges from $36.40 to$46.14 per meal. That is a lot of cabbage. It is also a lot of highly salted, fatty foods that lead […]
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