Podcast: Episode 173-What is the Real Cost of Eating Out

Welcome and thank you for listening. Americans eat out an average of 18.2 meals each month with city dwellers in Houston, Texas leading the pack. The reported average cost per person ranges from $36.40 to$46.14 per meal. That is a lot of cabbage. It is also a lot of highly salted, fatty foods that lead to lifestyle diseases. It is very hard to make good choices without being mindful, and a lot of people decide up front that eating out with friends is fair game for dietary indiscretion. However, if we continue to eat poorly when we go out then there will never be good options available because restaurants are going to make what sells. Sure, it is painful at first to have special requests for the chef when dinning out. But if you support the restaurant on a frequent basis and give them raving Yelp reviews, the restaurant will take note. They are in business to make money and will provide what is in demand. Remember, most chefs were trained with butter and salt as bandaids to make things palatable quickly.
We discuss this dilemma as well as others in this episode. I hope they are thought provoking and offer some potential solutions. Choosing to nutrition as a means to get healthy is a process and can be very confusing. I am passionate about supporting people in this journey as opposed to continue the traditional practice of repair things when they break medicine. Most people consider their health as one of the most important focuses in their lives but often do not connect the role of what they are eating to that outcome. Check out our website at and email me at with questions and comments. You can sign up for our monthly newsletter on the website to get recipes and helpful hints each month. If you are looking for a physician interested in helping you take back your health and wellness, contact our office to learn the many options we have for assisting you. Thank you for listening.

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    Your comment about declaring you are plant-based is not about throwing it in someone else face but rather committing it to yourself really hit home. Thanks!

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