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Podcast: 85 Years Young Vegan Ultramarathoner Paul Youd

Today I have Paul Youd on the podcast.  He is an 85 year old endurance athlete from the UK.  His knees bothered him so bad in his 50s that he stopped running and started biking.  Then he became vegan after learning about the cruel conditions factory farm animals endure.  One day chasing his grandson, he […]
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Podcast: Happy Birthday to the Diva!

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Happy 89th Birthday Diva! Longevity vs health span?  What are some observations that I have made following my mom’s health span? Being social and interacting with others is something the Diva has excelled at.  Positive mental attitude or even more a “can do” attitude has been her approach to life. […]
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Podcast: Treasure Coast Marathon with Hutch Strahm

Welcome and Thank you for listening!! I am joined on this episode with apprentice endurance athlete in training Pastor Hutch Strahm.  We ran the Treasure Coast marathon this past weekend together along with Michael Hubbard.  It was the first marathon ever for Hutch who had not run a step in many years.  He started his […]
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Podcast: An Interview with Chris Wark author of Chris Beat Cancer

Welcome! and Thank you for listening! Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Chris Wark who has put colon cancer in the rear view mirror for 17 years!  He decided not to go with traditional chemotherapy and instead took a deep dive into diet and lifestyle changes.   Medical decision making is very difficult especially […]
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Are you focused on achieving health or a number?

A Thursday Thought from Dietitian Addie Focusing on either maintaining or improving your current health is FABULOUS! Virtual HIGH-FIVE to you for noting the importance of taking care of your body by both what you eat and how you move! But are you truly looking at health changes or are you just a slave to […]
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