Podcast: An Interview with Chris Wark author of Chris Beat Cancer

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Today, I have the pleasure of speaking with Chris Wark who has put colon cancer in the rear view mirror for 17 years!  He decided not to go with traditional chemotherapy and instead took a deep dive into diet and lifestyle changes.  

Medical decision making is very difficult especially when dealing with a frightening diagnosis of cancer.  I believe this episode will give everyone the courage and confidence to ask questions and take charge of their health whether you are dealing with an illness or are trying to live as healthy as possible.

Books: Chris Beat Cancer, Beat Cancer Daily


The Grape Cure by Johanna Brandt

Driving Miss Norma byTim Bauerschmidt

Curing the Incurable by Thomas E Levy, MD

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    Suzie Matthews

    Very good podcast………and Happy belated birthday, Gretchen!

    Why aren’t medical doctors taught in medical school real nutrition to heal their patients rather than offer them more drugs……………

    We need more plant based M.D.’s……who understand about real health, a plant- based diet and the importance of exercise…….

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