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Podcast: Zion 50K Race Report

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Zion 50K is in the books!   Studies have shown that experiencing awe has been associated with increased calmness and kindness to others.  It brings people back to the present moment.  That is exactly what happens in an ultramarathon in a beautiful location such as Zion National Park.  Bright blue […]
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Podcast: Treasure Coast Marathon with Hutch Strahm

Welcome and Thank you for listening!! I am joined on this episode with apprentice endurance athlete in training Pastor Hutch Strahm.  We ran the Treasure Coast marathon this past weekend together along with Michael Hubbard.  It was the first marathon ever for Hutch who had not run a step in many years.  He started his […]
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Podcast: Can you Feed Yourself ?

Welcome! and Thank you for listening! When did you begin to feed yourself?   What exactly does that mean? A Poptart,  a cheese burger and fries and a pizza?  Do you think Hamburger helper makes a meal complete?  Do you think about minerals and vitamins when you plan your meals?  Do you even need to? This […]
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