Podcast: Zion 50K Race Report

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Zion 50K is in the books!  

Studies have shown that experiencing awe has been associated with increased calmness and kindness to others.  It brings people back to the present moment. 

That is exactly what happens in an ultramarathon in a beautiful location such as Zion National Park.  Bright blue skies, rocks of every color and shape, splashed with the light of the sun gave us hours of viewing pleasure as we criss crossed along the rim of the Zion canyons and mesas.  We were very present as we followed the white dot and pink ribbon marked trails for 33.4 miles of fun.

This episode is about our Zion 50K (33.4miles) race.  No we didn’t get lost.  I am pretty sure I moved all 300 plus joints in my body as we course along the path.  How cool to get such a workout while seeing all the smiling faces of people happy to be outside challenging themselves to new levels.  

Enjoy this episode, and find out what lies ahead.  Visit our website at and learn how you can improve your health and learn to move all 300 plus joints in your body.  Email me at  with questions.

Thank you for listening!  

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    Chuck Culp

    Hello Jami! Thanks for sharing your adventure of your and Michael’s marathon run in Zion National Park. Sounds like an awesome trek. Like you said, It truly is a disappointment of the pitiful breakfast options at most motels. Surely, they could do better!

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