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Podcast: Discussing Childhood Obesity with Addie Majnaric, RDN

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  I am joined by Addie Dulaney Majnaric, RDN today to discuss childhood obesity.  This week is National Childhood Obesity Week.  In contrast to adults, weight is assessed by percentiles of the ratio, weight to height, by age and sex.  Greater than the 95th% percentile is considered obese and greater […]
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Podcast: Happy Birthday Addie Majnaric, RDN

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!.  Happy Birthday to my favorite plant based RDN, Addie Majnaric!!  Time to gently stir fry Addie or perhaps just embarrass her a little.   It has not been easy being the daughter of a plant based Cardiologist.  Some would guess that there were many perks along the way, and things […]
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Podcast: Plant Based Nutrition and Pregnant Runners!

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  Addie Majnaric RDN and I ran the Houston Half Marathon this past weekend.  She is 22 weeks pregnant and feeling great.  Some would think eating plant based is not a good idea during pregnancy let alone running half marathons.  In reality being pregnant is not a disease, but it […]
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Podcast: These are a Few of My Favorite Things

Welcome and Thank you for listening.  One of my favorite holiday tunes is; These are a Few of My Favorite Things.  I thought I would share a few of my favorite things that have occurred over the past year.  1. Health Improvements by our members: diabetes reversal, elimination of medications for lifestyle diseases, improved weight, […]
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Podcast 148: Celebrating Success with Addie Dulaney-Majnaric

Welcome and thanks for listening. How do we measure success when it comes to wellness or in becoming plant based. Is it a few more vegetables or a loss of weight? Perhaps a better HgA1C measuring glucose control. The excitement that plant based nutrition can help to reverse lifestyle diseases is often dampened by the […]
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