Podcast: Happy Birthday Addie Majnaric, RDN

Welcome! and Thank you for listening!.  Happy Birthday to my favorite plant based RDN, Addie Majnaric!!  Time to gently stir fry Addie or perhaps just embarrass her a little.  

It has not been easy being the daughter of a plant based Cardiologist.  Some would guess that there were many perks along the way, and things came pretty easy.  I think we often look at others and see them as pictures of ease without struggle.  It is never the case.  However, those defining struggles are what give our lives meaning and character.  The struggles become the fabric of our lives.  We all look for the easy button, only to realize it has little meaning.  The hacks are just dust in the wind.  Taking on the challenges, making our lives better, and the world a little better is where the real satisfaction lies.  

I hope you enjoy a few stories of Addies challenges.  I hope we can encourage you to embrace the challenge and enjoy the journey.  The joy lies in taking on the challenges not shying away.  Follow Addie  naturally.rooted.nutrition on Instagram to see what she does for her birthday challenge.  

Our mission is to reverse lifestyle diseases.   Plant based nutrition and exercise are the means to not only reverse these diseases but also decrease the risk from infectious diseases.  

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Thank you for listening

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    Charles Culp

    Happy Birthday Addie! Thanks again for all the great information Dr. Dulaney!

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