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Time to Take Care of Your Ticker Today! 

We are approaching the end heart month, and being a runner it is no secret that getting this organ pumping through my workouts is one of my favorite things to do. But it goes beyond the fitness endeavors and is trumped by nutrition and what is put into our bodies. But WHY? Let’s get to […]
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Health Takes Intentionality

Wishful thinking rarely leads to results… let’s chew on that. Healthy living takes intention. The photos we see on TV or Instagram of beautiful recipes or healthy individuals are due to time spent setting a plan into place to achieve goals. Health doesn’t just happen. Learning new styles of cooking doesn’t just happen. We cannot […]
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January – A time to start the next challenge!

Each month within our practice, I host a wellness challenge of sorts. We go from steps to strength training, circuits to mobility, cardio minutes to nutrition check-ins. It is a way to up the ante if you will. You may be doing very well with your nutrition and wellness but feel in a rut. January […]
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