January – A time to start the next challenge!

Each month within our practice, I host a wellness challenge of sorts. We go from steps to strength training, circuits to mobility, cardio minutes to nutrition check-ins. It is a way to up the ante if you will. You may be doing very well with your nutrition and wellness but feel in a rut. January is a great time to see how you can challenge yourself and I encourage you to see that challenge as a way to celebrate your health and refresh your focus. 

Look back to your “why”. That foundational reason why you started taking a closer look at your health and fitness. That piece of the puzzle that keeps you going on the hard or inconvenient days. And if you don’t have a clear “why” defines, take some time to reflect on what that is for you. This is key to keep going on the path to optimal health and wellness. 

Have fun with the challenges you set for yourself and make them positive. If you look at fitness as a chore and they are not goals you are interested in achieving, you most likely will fall off coarse at some point. Also, make sure your goals are not simply you comparing yourself to others and what they are doing. Make it about your interests and make it your own! 

Don’t be afraid to dream BIG! That thing you always wanted to do… DO IT! Make a plan, and go for it! Don’t expect changes over night. Set attainable, buildable goals and achieve your dreams over time. 

Whether you are a new mom wanted to get into the best shape of your life for your kids, a young adult wanting to see what your body can do, a group of friends wanted to get active together, an 60+ year old wanting to run a half marathon for the first time, or ready for that next phase in life that can have a strong health focus no matter your age or starting point, I encourage you to dream BIG! (I have seen it all within the success stories of our practice) Do not set limits to what you can do. There is a lot of fear swirling around in our world. That fear can make us hold tight and lock down to the here and now. I challenge you to not be afraid. Face today with purpose and a plan. Improve your health by taking charge of your choices and educating yourself on what you can do for your health. Take control of your body’s ability to be a healthy and thriving human being. And don’t forget to have fun determining the challenge and rising to the occasion! Time to THRIVE & SHINE in 2022!!  

Happy New Year,

Addie D. Majnaric, RDN

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