Health Takes Intentionality

Wishful thinking rarely leads to results… let’s chew on that. Healthy living takes intention. The photos we see on TV or Instagram of beautiful recipes or healthy individuals are due to time spent setting a plan into place to achieve goals. Health doesn’t just happen. Learning new styles of cooking doesn’t just happen. We cannot speak results into existence… there has to be some work involved. But that’s what makes the success so great!

If you are starting on the path to healthier, minimally processed  whole food plant based (WFPB) nutrition, you need to set yourself up for success by making a plan. I often tell our members, I wouldn’t take them to a new gym and just leave them to the wolves without giving direction while they expected physical results. That would leave them anxious, overwhelmed and confused. Most would not return. Minimal results would be seen. If you take that approach to your food by simply saying “this year I am going to eat health,” but do not make a plan, you are most likely going to become anxious, overwhelmed and confused. 


Learn the basics. What makes up a healthy WFPB meal? Learn your options – fruits, vegetables, whole grains, beans/legumes, potatoes, etc. Make a list of those you like, those you would like to try, and those you want to learn to like/how to cook definitely so you enjoy them. 


Clean out the foods not providing benefit to your intentions. Those foods that hold you back and let you slip back into unhealthy habits. Eat with your intention in mind. 


MAKE YOUR PLAN… my biggest tool for success is meal planning for your week (or at least a few days at a time). Look at your schedule and keep meal choices simple on busy days and allow more time to play in the kitchen with new recipes on days you won’t be rushed. And remember, SIMPLE IS JUST FINE. It doesn’t have to be Instagram worthy… your intentions are healthy and delicious!


Your mindset matters, especially on the hard days. Don’t see this as a chore but a CHOICE. You are CHOOSING the power of knowledge for a healthier lifestyle for you, your family and those around you who see what you are doing. You are creating better health to live out your purpose. Nothing is being done to you. YOU are setting intentions for YOUR life. 


Throw out the idea of PEFECTION. Show up everyday and TRY. Try your best. Your effort defines your outcome. Life isn’t perfect, no one is perfect… but again that is not the intention. The intention is a healthier you. Give yourself grace and GO FOR IT! 

Sending you all a HIGH FIVE from Houston for all the healthy intentional eating ahead for you in 2022! If you would like more help creating and setting your healthy living intentions into place this year, please email us at to learn how to become a plant strong member of our practice or visit our services page for all membership options. 

With Gratitude,

Addie Dulaney Majnaric, RDN

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    Ruth F Charlesworth

    So true. You said it so simply but meaningful.
    Thank you

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    I appreciate you and your message! Thanks, Joey

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    Addie, this really is it in a nutshell! It is about Choice and you can’t see is as a chore. The Berrys are taking your advice and making every Sunday a “planning night”. We look over our weekly schedule, decide who cooks and what will be the menu. We love the idea on cook once but eat it twice (leftover are a must) because it reduces the amount of cooking. Thank you for always being so darn positive especially when we are struggling. Berry Plant Strong 2022!!!!!

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