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Podcast: Weight Loss Made Simple

Welcome! and Thank you for listening.  January is the month for weight loss.  Get it off and move on.  Or, return to eating like you want to.  That is not the recipe for health, but a quick fix at best.   How do you loose weight without suffering?  How do you reverse lifestyle diseases and also […]
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Blogpost: Cookbook Medicne versus Medicine

The ER physician phoned me and said; “The hospital is going to get dinged because I did not follow protocol. At the time, I was with the patient in the CT scanner completing his study to evaluate him for the cause of his face and hand numbness. She was referring to “the stroke alert” protocol. […]
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Upcoming Speaking Engagements

I will be speaking at the Tropical Fruit Society of Sarasota on April 25, 2017 at 6:30 pm. The topic will be The Health Benefits of Plant Based Nutrition; How Your Backyard Tropical Fruit Garden can Improve Your Health.
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August Newsletter

  Where do I get my “Protein”?  I am feeling tired,  I must not be getting enough protein. What is a protein anyway?  What is a complete protein?   Proteins are macronutrients and large building blocks.   They must be broken down to be used to make muscle, connective tissue, and enzymes that the body […]
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What are your expectations when you visit a physician’s office. It is to get reassurance that you are alright?  Perhaps you are looking for answers for new discomforts? What about wellness? Is that just a physical examination and testing with the hopes of being told your are OK? What does that mean? Is a “normal” […]
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Easter Sunday Feast

Holiday time results in much stress about food.  Especially if you are trying to change your diet or eating things that are not traditional for your family.  Some panic if there is not a turkey or ham involved.  We have found it is the side dishes that we enjoy most. This year we plant to […]
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Reverse peripheral vascular disease with diet, not risky intervention

Peripheral vascular disease is defined as a narrowing of the arteries feeding the extremities and organs  oxygenated blood.  Symptoms include cramping like pain in the hips and lower legs with ambulation.  The pain typically goes away with brief periods of rest.  As the condition worsen with less walking or occurs even at rest.  Blockages in the […]
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Change needed for the whole family

Today at the county pool I noticed a family that was suffering the side effects of the traditional American diet.  There were many 48oz fountain drinks on the table with sugary treats and chips.  The entire family was significantly overweight.  The children were not even playing in the water. It was commendable to spend the […]
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Go to meal: Pizza Friday

TGIF and it is time to unwind.  We make pizza Friday part of that often.   In the morning I make my crust so it is ready when I get home at night.  We use tomato paste or pizza sauce for the base.  I steam fresh garlic, spinach and mushrooms for toppings as well as […]
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